This is a curated list of web projects I’ve had the pleasure to contribute.


It was an international internship listing website serving thousands of opportunities each day.

El Pejin

A really friendly scuba diving club based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, really focused on secure diving.

123 Health Shop

One of the best online shops for organic food and products, trusted by a huge client base.

Niel Asher

Well known by their Frozen Shoulder courses, pivoted now as a successful physiotherapy academy.

UIC Languages

A popular language school based in London, currently offering courses in over 10 languages.

You, Inc.

Does your website run slow? does it look like a ’90s page? is it just unmaintainable? I can help you.


From time to time I can’t resist launching a side project.

La Casa del Póster

It was an online printing service delivering directly from a local shop to anywhere in Spain. I bought 100s cardboard tubes. Only sold 10s.

I decided to close the website as soon as I realised I wasn’t able to guarantee a 3-day printing turnaround, because the tubes were being retained randomly at customs for up to 15 days.

I really enjoyed the whole experience though!.